Look for a face

I asked

You said it couldn’t be

It seemed

Amazing stupidity

But we were so sure


Why do you hurt me

When I like you so much?

You look me in the eye

Then turn away from my touch.


Understand time

In your space

In the crowd

Look for a face

But we were so sure


Can’t you see

What you are saying?

Don’t you think

You are pushing your luck?

Can’t you see

That asking again will annoy?

Then you ask

Are you in a mood with me?


Don’t you understand

Why I have to walk away?

Can’t you read

The look in my eyes?

Why do you feel

The need to cause pain?

Then you ask

Are you in a mood with me?

Englands latest import

I didn’t come here

In a ship

Or from far away


They didn’t put me in chains

Or whip me until I was bleeding

Or sell me to you


Your wife

Who you do not have

Didn’t see me in a line and pick me out


I don’t live in a cellar or attic

Mice and rats

Are not chewing on my toes


You haven’t worken me in a factory or pit

And I’m not catching my death

From the cold


And you don’t ave to be

Cruel to me

To stop me from running away



She haunts me

She haunts me

By trying to look away

Capturing my eye

But it is rude to stare


Now she sleeps

A great release

I can study

When she will not worry


On a train

You might have guessed

They do this to us

Put us together

The broken halves

We just don’t have the words


An explosion of light and colour

Must be our train

From these dark

Tormented streets


This is how she is to me



Had my foot in the door

Put a crease in my life

To mark the place where I am

Confusion of delusion?

The tightening of time

These fluctuations

Haunting me with their colour

I need a monochrome

Where nothing has been done

Future taunts my freedom

My placing is mystery

Escalation or education?

So much to loose

There could be somewhere

Where they have dropped the bomb

And life is not ashamed


There is a hole in the ground

Throw me in and cover me over

As I choke, breathing the earth

The air is dreaming


Whistle on gristle

The life of the other side


Not plaster


This perception

Is company enough

Black sea blocks out the sun

The space grows wide

Learning To Be Happy

Looking for order

The good from the bad



And finding we were wrong


It’s because we are young

Still with eyes wide

Still with dreams real

Still to be hurt one time too many


Take God if you can

But I always wonder

Take anything that fills that hole


It is time

To put childish things to bed

To rest

it is time to except

It is time to conform

To relax until death


Compromise your soul

Now is the time –

but my watch has stopped.